AI Essay Writing: The Best AI Essay Writing Tools and When You May Need Them

July 26, 2023

AI-powered writing software has taken the world by storm recently. There was a lot of buzz around this technology, and once it became available, people tried to adopt it across many different industries, including education.

Current students revealed the impressive potential of AI in academic writing. But is it really that helpful? In this article written by WriteMy professionals , we will try to answer this question and define whether you really need such tools.

What Is Essay Writing AI?

AI writing software or AI content writers are pieces of software that generate content based on user input. This kind of software is powered by artificial intelligence and can produce text in a matter of seconds, providing users with clear and human-like content.

AI writing essay tools are pretty much the same pieces of software, though programmed to generate essays and similar types of academic papers. Such tools have access to large databases of information. They quickly scan the data available on the web on a given topic and compile it in one well-researched piece.

One of the biggest distinct features between general AI writing tools and AI for writing essay papers is that the latter uses more advanced settings and algorithms. Instead of simply giving a short prompt for future content, these pieces of software enable you to input your specific essay requirements. Namely, you should be able to specify the following details:

  • Subject and topic;
  • Word count;
  • Structure, etc.

The algorithms will carefully analyze your requirements and produce an essay tailored to them.

Additionally, some AI software offers extra features such as text paraphrasing and even help with other assignment types, which makes these solutions a dream come true for students.

Why Could AI Be Useful in Essay Writing?

The best AI for essay writing can bring you a wealth of benefits. Namely, here are the core reasons why it can really come in handy:

  • Brainstorming - such software can jump-start your brainstorming by providing engaging and relevant ideas on your topic.
  • Research - many students claim that AI essay writing software can be incredibly helpful in the research process, giving answers to literally any research question in seconds.
  • Better content quality - such software can help students generate compelling papers in no time and use them as route guides to excellent academic writing.
  • High productivity - using advanced software for brainstorming, research, and writing purposes lets students save plenty of time and boost their overall productivity. Respectively, the levels of stress can be lowered too.

These are the reasons why you might need such software as a student. Now let’s move on and discover how you can use it to the fullest.

How to Use Essay Writing AI Effectively

To start using AI for essay writing, you need to find a suitable tool first. Carefully research the available options to pick an AI writer that can meet your needs the best.

Then, deepen your own understanding of the task. The best way to use generative AI is to provide it with as much information as possible. To make this real, you need to have an excellent understanding of the topic and task in general yourself.

Finally, when you have everything you need to get started, you must learn how to set tasks for AI properly. Here are a few tips that will help:

  • Tell what exactly you want the AI to write (e.g., “Write my college essay", "writing my essay", "do my thesis","write my research paper" );
  • Always specify the required word count or mention the number of pages;
  • If you want to see a specific idea/claim in your piece, describe it in your prompt as well;
  • Specify your academic level for a more accurate result;
  • After you receive the completed piece, carefully read it and use the add or change feature to tailor the paper to your needs;
  • Request citations separately to be able to cite your essay properly.

Lastly and most importantly, spend enough time editing your paper. 

How to Pick the Best AI Writing Tool for You

Choosing the right AI essay writing tool can be rather challenging. First of all, due to the high demand for such software, there are quite many options to consider. And secondly, the quality of the tool you pick will directly impact your productivity and academic success. So the choice must be well-informed.

To help you get on the right track, we analyzed some of the best options. Let’s see what they are.


JasperAI (previously known as Jarvis) is an AI-powered assistant for brainstorming, content creation, and editing. It leverages advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver comprehensive, human-like content on literally any topic and for all purposes.

One of the biggest perks of this AI for essay writing is that it can analyze your tone of voice and help you stay consistent in your essays. On top of that, it’s trained to provide relevant insights into trending topics to help you brainstorm ideas with ease.


  • A very intuitive and easy-to-use tool that doesn’t take much time to master;
  • Seamless integration with third-party tools like Grammarly for effective editing;
  • A convenient browser extension that lets you generate great content anytime and anywhere;
  • There is a free trial for new users, which lets you try the tool risk-free.


  • The cost of JasperAI can be somewhat higher compared to similar tools;
  • Sometimes, the content produced by this tool goes off the rails, so it’s crucial to provide very specific and detailed prompts.


ChatGPT must be one of the most famous AI essay writing tools. It was released in 2022 and completely revolutionized the field of content creation. The tool leverages dialogue flow control, text prediction, and natural language understanding. 

All in all, ChatGPT can help you find excellent ideas for your papers, rephrase something you’ve already written, find short answers to literally any question, and even generate full-fledged essays within minutes.

One thing that sets ChatGPT apart from other similar tools is that it’s open-source. That is, this software is community-driven, which makes it so flexible and agile.


  • Easy to get started with and use even for beginners;
  • There is a fully free-of-charge version of ChatGPT that you can use with minimum limitations;
  • It’s an open-source platform, which is why it advances very quickly and is incredibly flexible.


  • When the demand is high, ChatGPT is unavailable to free users, and waiting times can be significantly longer;
  • The tool only has access to data up to 2021, so it can provide incorrect information.

Unlike Jasper or ChatGPT, which can be used for various purposes, was developed specifically with students in mind. It is a writing essay AI that leverages advanced technologies and algorithms to produce original academic pieces perfectly tailored to students’ requirements.

The biggest benefit of this tool is that it allows users to generate custom essays and articles based on their specific requirements. Instead of giving a simple prompt like in ChatGPT, offers you to specify your topic, academic level, number of pages, number of sources, and additional details for your piece. As a result, it can create high-quality content tailored to your needs.


  • A very intuitive process that doesn’t take much time;
  • The possibility to specify all details of your assignment for a custom result;
  • Being completely free of charge with no limitations;
  • High-quality content with a consistent tone of voice.


  • Currently, MyEssayWriter can only handle content writing and doesn’t offer additional features;
  • Some complex topics might be too hard for the tool to understand.

The next one on our list is not a typical AI essay writing tool, but it’s still a must-know-about solution for students. is an essay writing service with professional human writers that offers certain services free of charge. Here, you can find free pre-written essays or order custom papers up to 2 pages completely free of charge. Additionally, the service offers extra features, including an AI-powered essay typer, citation generator, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker.

FreeEssayWriter is an excellent tool for students who need additional support for their academic writing. With its help, you can generate an AI-written essay or even get a custom paper from human writers - all free of charge.


  • The possibility of getting both AI and human-based writing help;
  • A large database of free essays;
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use website interface;
  • Additional features for honing the quality of your writing.


  • Longer, human-written essays are not free of charge;
  • There are some concerns related to the accuracy, quality, and, most importantly, originality of free essays.


Paraphraser also stands out among other software on our list. It is a writing essay AI software that doesn’t generate new content based on your prompt but that was designed to hone pre-written works.

When you land on the tool’s website, you will see two boxes. All you need to do is insert the content you already have, tweak settings if necessary, and click Paraphrase. 

In a few moments, the tool will give you a paraphrased version of your original text. It can replace the words with more suitable synonyms and phrases, improve the structure, and expand your vocabulary. Also, it can change the tone of voice and replace passive language with active for better readability.


  • Very easy to get started with;
  • Built-in grammar and plagiarism check features;
  • The tool is free to use up to 500 words and offers regular discounts to help you save on the premium package.


  • Plenty of ads pop up on the website, making it not too user-friendly;
  • The limited version is very limited.

The next tool on our list isn’t exactly an AI essay writing bot. Instead, it’s meant for social media content creation. Powered by AI, enables you to generate ideas in a few clicks, create content plans for social media, and, of course, craft publications for social networks without a hassle.

Due to its nature, can’t be used to write lengthy papers. But it might still come in handy for students. Namely, you can use this tool to generate resonating ideas for your papers and even craft short passages and thesis statements for your content. And, of course, you can use it for crafting great social media content with literally no effort.


  • One of the best AI-powered tools for crafting engaging social media content;
  • A convenient idea generation bot for seamless brainstorming;
  • The possibility to try and use the tool for free.


  • Only two supported languages (English and French);
  • Limited features inside the free version;
  • Very limited opportunities to use the tool for purposes other than social media content creation.


Writesonic is a top-rated and incredibly flexible AI-powered writing tool. This software was built to generate high-quality, human-like, and original pieces of content for multiple purposes, including academic, marketing, and more. Thanks to its advanced algorithms and a wide range of features, Writesonic is deservedly called one of the best AI for essay writing.

The tool is available for a free trial that gives you 10,000 words to give it a try. The free version is built on an optimized GPT 3.5 platform, which makes it rather powerful by default. But the premium version is based on the even more advanced GPT 4 to let users create outstanding content in no time.


  • A powerful, multi-purpose tool with a solid set of features;
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface;
  • Excellent for creating academic papers and many other forms of content in a matter of minutes;
  • A free trial is available for everyone.


  • Sometimes, the generated content sounds a little robotic;
  • There might be some issues with accuracy, so Writesonic content may require editing.

When it comes to AI essay writing, is one of the best options available to students. This tool was designed to handle academic essays and complex papers with ease. So it’s perfect for students looking for reliable assistance with their academic tasks.

The tool is powered by natural language processing and machine learning technologies. This enables it to accurately analyze the user input and generate well-researched and original pieces matched to your needs. 

Additionally, offers a number of great extra features, such as auto-referencing, contextual analysis, and even plagiarism detection. All in all, it’s an excellent tool for crafting coherent papers and boosting your grades.


  • An opportunity to generate any type of academic essay or paper in under 90 seconds;
  • An AI outline generator is a handy additional tool for planning your papers with ease;
  • A wide choice of additional tools that will come in handy for students;
  • Original content tailored to your unique requirements.


  • Sometimes, the content requires editing;
  • It’s not entirely free.


RyterAI was designed as one platform for a variety of AI-powered solutions for freelancers and businesses. It enables users to craft images, social media publications, emails, and many other types of content in one place and with no effort.

If you are looking for an AI writing essay tool, RyterAI can easily handle different types of content quickly and efficiently. The tool is powered by natural language processing algorithms that can quickly analyze your prompts and deliver content tailored to your requirements. 

Also, this technology enables the tool to analyze pre-written pieces of content and provide personalized suggestions on how to enhance grammar, vocabulary, and clarity. So, though it’s designed for professional use, students can also benefit from using RyterAI.


  • Incredibly user-friendly interface;
  • Valuable insights into grammar and spelling;
  • Personalized content generation tailored to every user’s requirements.


  • If you are looking for a tool to rely on in all your writing matters, RyterAI can be rather pricey;
  • Despite the fairly high quality, the generated content still requires human editing.


Finally, our last top pick of AI for essay writing is Quillbot. It is an AI-based assistant that can solve a number of issues for you. First of all, there is a paraphrasing tool that can rewrite any pre-written content according to your needs and requirements. Students can use this feature to improve their writing.

Additionally, Quillbot offers a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, text summarizer, translator, citation generator, and co-writer tool - all powered by artificial intelligence. 

All in all, this software can be used for a variety of purposes. And academic writing is also among them.


  • The tool boasts an intuitive and clear dashboard that lets you discover all its features in nearly no time;
  • There is a wide choice of tools and features to write better and more confidently;
  • The free version is available for all users.


  • The free version is rather limited and doesn’t provide access to all features;
  • The tool doesn’t support other languages rather than English;
  • The tool might struggle with some complex topics.

Key Takeaways

Artificial intelligence is a new big thing these days. After a variety of AI-powered tools became publicly accessible, they found a wealth of applications in all spheres and industries. And students can benefit from such tools too!

After reading this guide, you know what AI writing tools are and how to use them for academic success. All that you have to do now is find the best AI website for essay writing for you. 

Use the information and insights from this article to make the right choice and gain additional support in your academic writing!